Chiropractic Care in Gainesville

Chiropractic Care in Gainesville VA

Whether it’s neck pain, back pain, headaches, sciatica or disc injury, you don’t need chiropractic care in Gainesville for your pain. What you deserve is good healthcare.  Good healthcare can be delivered by a good chiropractor, a good physical therapist, a good orthopedist or a number of other good healthcare providers.  Thankfully, Dr. Maggs teaches other healthcare providers how to perform good soft tissue treatment, how to diagnose, how to rehabilitate and how to extract key points in a history.

Just because Dr. Maggs’ degree is in chiropractic, doesn’t mean you’re going to have you back cracked. There is so much more to a comprehensive treatment for pain and injuries. You want and deserve someone to listen to your complaints. You deserve someone to perform a competent, non rushed exam to find the problems. You deserve sensible treatment. Treatment that is based on the current best evidence. Treatment that won’t waste your time or money. You deserve cogent advice on how you can lessen the risk of the pain or injury from coming back.

‘Chiropractic care’ from Dr. Maggs doesn’t look like traditional chiropractic care. You will likely receive manual soft tissue treatment, rehabilitation and most importantly, advice on home management. Dr. Maggs teaches all of these concepts internationally to physical therapists, chiropractors, medical doctors, podiatrists, massage therapists and athletic trainers.

This is why the first paragraph stated that you don’t need chiropractic care in Gainesville. You need comprehensive care. He just happens to be a chiropractor.

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