Load VS Capacity Interview

Load VS Capacity Interview

I occasionally get interviewed on podcasts for running and running related injuries. This latest one was out of the UK, from "RunChatLive" - a UK based Sports Therapist, Matt Phillips. The topic was regarding "Load vs Capacity".

What is "Load vs Capacity"? Well, I explain it in the video (or you can listen to the Apple Podcast while you go for a run), but basically, it is the idea that injuries are always linked to a change in the "External Load" (I just call it "LOAD") or the "Internal Load" (I just call it "CAPACITY").

Some of the beauty of the logic is it applies to ALL injuries, NOT JUST RUNNING INJURIES.

Load includes rapid changes in running volume, footwear, speed, running mechanics, terrain, intensity, frequency etc. Not that you can't change it, you just have to make sure that the changes aren't faster than the body can adapt to those changes.

Capacity pertains to the ability to withstand the Load. Capacity is influenced by age, sleep, psychological stress, medications that you may be taking, diabetes or other metabolic issues, previous injuries, diet etc.

Why is this important? It is important because so many runners (and non runners) and healthcare providers get fixated on one thing, "I have flat feet", or "I have a leg length discrepancy" or, "I'm in the wrong shoes", or "I run wrong" etc. Then they erroneously change their footwear, get orthotics, change their biomechanics, or other silly things, when the reality is, they were just guilty of a training error - aka an imbalance in the Load/Capacity relationship.


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