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Taking on an active role in your condition is a key factor to feeling better.  Relying on passive treatments such as manipulation, EMS, ultrasound, stretching, injections or surgery will not build capacity in the structures that are giving you pain.  In order to build a stronger, more resilient “you”, you can’t rely on these passive treatments to actually increase the capacity of your tissues.  If you’re tired of other healthcare providers saying you’re built wrong, or you move wrong, or you can’t do this or that, come to Lively Health for a more optimistic view of your body and your future.  You want to get back out there and do the things you love.  What would your day look like if you weren’t in pain and if you weren’t limited in your activities?  We want to help you get your life back.

If you want to know how this is achieved, check out our video here.  It is a 4 minute video that has thousands of views and is so true and so impactful, Dr. Maggs was asked by the British Journal of Sports Medicine if they can use it on their website and if he could write up a piece about it.  See the video here.

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