Vital Information For Those With Shoulder Pain, Considering Surgery

Vital Information For Those With Shoulder Pain, Considering Surgery

Here is an important 90 second video for anyone considering shoulder surgery, or know anyone else who is.

Many people head into surgery without full knowledge of outcomes or other options.

Results of an MRI often show all sorts of "abnormalities", but multiple studies prove that the same "abnormalities" are likely present on the non-painful shoulder. Therefore, MRI results, pain and tissue damage are poorly correlated.

Cortisone injections are often prescribed, but a recent review of the literature stated, "Corticosteroid injections provide-at best-minimal transient pain relief in a small number of patients with rotator cuff tendinosis and cannot modify the natural course of the disease."

In addition, if you have had a cortisone injection within 6 months before surgery, you are "much" more likely to need a revision surgery after your first surgery.

So, after MRI results show rotator cuff tears or other "abnormalities", and cortisone injections have failed, many people turn to surgery.

Unfortunately, multiple studies looking at shoulder surgeries show no difference in outcomes between "sham" surgery (fake) vs real surgery (herehere and here)

This leads to the one recent review recommending "Surgery should be reserved for selected cases and only after a sufficiently long course (12 months) of evidence-based loading exercise has failed."

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